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Most drivers overlook the oil level of their own vehicles, which is something you should inspect, at least once a month, to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. There can be different procedures to check the state and levels of transmission oil in an automatic gearbox and you must be aware of the proper way to perform those checks in order to dodge any potential problem while measuring and changing oils.

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What Is ATF Transmission Oil?

Simply put, ATF stands for Automatic Transmission Fluid and, as its name points it out, it's used in vehicles with automatic transmissions. To set it apart from engine oils, and other fluids used in the vehicle, it's commonly green or red. If it turns out, after measurement, that the automatic transmission's oil level is low, a timely synthetic oil change, or refill, can be done without exceeding the quantity recommended by the manufacturer. Since gearboxes don't have a filler cap like the engines do,  you must carefully pour the transmission oil through the duct of the measuring rod. Then, make suitable checks until the level is good enough. If the liquid level of the transmission is still low, then that's probably due to a loss of liquid somewhere in the box. Or, likely it hasn't been replaced appropriately.

How to Check the Oil Levels in an Automatic Transmission?

Not everyone has a way of checking, in a quick and easy manner, the oil levels of a self-shifting transmission. In old-school transmissions models, it's quite common to find another rod on the engine's second level compartment. One is used to measure the oil standards of the motor, while the second pertains to the gearbox. Generally, it has a bright color and could have some sort of indication. Usually, it will be required to run about 15 or 18 miles for the gearbox fluid to reach the best service temperature. After that, you may stop the car on an entirely uniform pave or surface and without turning off the engine, pass the automatic gear selector through all its potential positions, lasting about five seconds in each one. It's important to apply the parking brake and then brake the car with your foot to avoid any movements while you do this. After these shifts, lounge the engine for three to five minutes. Then, with the engine running,  proceed to check the level. Remove the dipstick and have a towel or cloth at hand to clean it up. Then, reintroduce the measuring rod and extract it to check on the level again.

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Change the Transmission Oil

Replacing transmission oil, every now and then is key to assure the automatic gearbox's reliability and performance. Each manufacturer indicates in how many miles the automatic transmission fluid and the gearbox filter should be restored. Generally speaking, they tend to take long intervals, although these can be shortened significantly if the vehicle is used for severe duties or to drive on rough roads. The transmission oil must be hot with the engine turned off at the time of replacement. Remove the crankcase from the gearbox, or use the drain plug if you need to. Be extremely careful, this process is messy, mainly because the oil is hot, can get smeared and will probably spill out. After letting the gearbox drain adequately on a holder or container, the following step is to remove the old filter and place the new one. In some devices, you must remove the crankcase in order to swap the filter. Now, to begin the process of piecing everything together, replacing the crankcase will be required and to avoid any potential leaks of transmission oil, it has to be tightened to the proper torque. Then, you have to pour enough quantity of ATF right through the dipstick line and once again, make the proper level checks. You must inspect the crankcase, before the synthetic oil change in Helenville, WI, to look for any metal particles or small magnets that might be in it. If you find some, this could be a sign of extensive wear or lead to a potential gearbox problem.

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