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Maintenance will be needed when a certain mileage is reached because some parts tend to wear out and generate more expensive problems if they're not intervened on time. Keep reading this post by Kings Lube in Helenville.

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A fundamental factor when looking for road safety is the preventive maintenance of your vehicle, which will guarantee the proper performance of the car. That's why automotive companies recommend a protective checkup that will support physical integrity and improve the operation of the car's systems and components. Regular checkups will lower the costs of subsequent repairs and knowing the advantages that preventive vehicle maintenance can bring is of vital importance for both the driver and the vehicle.

Damage Minimization

Regular checkups can determine which are the faults presented in the last months, how to fix them before they deteriorate the car or even, make it useless. Minimizing expenses is mostly effective for industries that have a large number of fleets or automobiles that, with a small regular investment in their upkeep, would be saving thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Fuel Consumption Reduction

Timely done maintenance and properly completed, will allow a perfect performance in the car, for example, an oil change every 4000 miles will help the vehicle to have better use of fuel. AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil supplies protection against wear guaranteeing maximum protection and performance. Maintaining stable tire pressure affects not only in keeping a higher stabilization percentage at the time of a slip, but also reducing tire and gas wear to a high degree.

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Higher Selling Price

Greater preservation of the vehicle guarantees a higher sale price; compared to other models of the same year that require a previous investment to repair faults that weren't fixed at the right time, that is, preventive maintenance of vehicles not only guarantees immediate improvements; it also extends the overall life-span of the car. It also guarantees the car's long-term protection; which will make it more profitable if you decide to sell it.

Don't Downplay the Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance

Doing so can backfire and lead to material and financial losses. The application of a correct maintenance program will save you from a ton of different problems, just make sure the car's reactions are being periodically evaluated to avoid a decrease in its performance.

How to Do Your Own Preventive Maintenance?

The first thing you should have within close reach is the car's manufacturer's manual since it provides specific instructions when it comes to proper use and maintenance. Usually, on the first visit to the workshop, the engine oil and air filters are changed. The tires' condition, the state of the brakes and suspension are also checked upon arrival. With more mileage traveled, a more strict check-up has to be done, which includes the change of spark plugs, fuel filter, cabin filter or air conditioning, revision of the levels of coolant, brake fluid, windshield wipers, and look possible leaks.

Lastly, Don't Forget to Check on the Following

Although most of the checkups and adjustments should be performed by a professional in the mechanical area, your car has q few details that you can and should monitor permanently; especially before going on a long trip on the road. · Lighting system: Periodically check that all lights are turned on. · The Tires' state: It's important to check the pressure and tread depth. · Battery: Generally, the battery lasts two to three years, but you must be careful during the winter, which can prevent a proper start if the battery isn't new. · Levels checkup: make sure the oil, coolant and other fluids are supplied at just the right amount. · Brake fluid: This fluid doesn't wear out over time, so it is important to check that there isn't any leakage that could cause braking problems and, therefore, an accident. · Be aware of the numbers and symbols displayed on the dash: Confirm that when you start the car, all the dash lights go out, except for the ones you activate, such as the parking brake or the headlights. If there is another symbol that remains lit, there might be something wrong with the vehicle that should be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

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