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If you're already planning bike rides and adventures with your kids after confinement time it's over, make sure you're aware of the proper security guidelines for a safe ride. Read this post by Kings Lube to learn more.

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For Starters,

Motorcycles have become one of the main means of transportation for many people in different parts of the world and for a fair reason; driving a motorcycle is an activity that has multiple benefits and advantages: it's a financially viable private transport option, it allows you to choose different routes for the same destination, cut the journey or the duration of the travel.

Health Benefits

On the other hand, bike riding it's not only beneficial in terms of driving, but it also has positive health effects such as fighting stress, burning calories and strengthening muscles and knees. That's why riding a motorcycle can be quite beneficial to achieve a healthy and active life.

If You Ride, Do It Responsibly

Motorcycles have always had a certain charm and now more than ever, many are deciding to get one; especially in urban areas. Motorbikes offer a sense of freedom, an adrenaline rush you can't get elsewhere, and its ease of riding in tight spaces has made it a popular vehicle, beating the car. However, its use is also usually more risky when it comes to safety. It's common to see parents riding with their children; however, as it tends to happen with cars, driving a vehicle with passengers carries a great responsibility and when undertaking this type of travel, people must do this carefully.

Know the Risks

Not all parents are fully aware of the risk that motorcycles represent. One of the most worrisome mistakes they make when going out with their children is to put helmets inappropriate for their age and size; avoid doing that since these can come off easily in the event of an accident and even increase the effect of a head injury if not fitted to your children's size.

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Minimize Risks

To minimize any factor of danger, and riding safely when transporting another person, it is advisable to respect and comply with the corresponding regulations, especially when it comes to the best maintenance, you can rely on Amsoil’s 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil to decrease wear and supply the best protection for your two-wheeler.

The Helmet is Essential

It's a mandatory object to allow bike riding, regardless of the age of the passenger, it is essential for safety. But for it to carry out its protective function in the proper way, it must be approved by regulations and the size corresponding to the size of the child's head.

Keep This in Mind Before Riding

Always drive with caution, a little defensively, because the motorcycle is a vehicle without a body that could greater protection to its driver. Also, both hands must be kept on the handlebars at all times and you must not take more than one passenger; the motorcycle should also not be loaded with more than weight specified by the manufacturer.

The Correct Sitting Position

When taking a companion, you must give them some instructions before starting the ride. For example, explaining to the child that, in curves, the co-pilot must follow the driver with his body, so that he makes the same inclination and the correct sitting position, which is astride and not looking back, neither to the right or left side. For a companion, the correct position is to ride the rear seat of the motorcycle, sitting with their knees squeezing the chassis, and always keeping your feet on the footrests.

Driving Advice

You should always slow down when entering an intersection. Also, when approaching a crossroads, you must be alert in case the vehicle turns all of a sudden. This is the only way to have enough time to brake the motorcycle. Don't forget to drive in a straight line; riding in zigzag motion invites a possible collision with a nearby vehicle. Additionally, you must be ready to avoid blind points along the road.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is in Order

Check if your insurance covers accidents with passengers involved; especially if you are going to ride frequently with accompanied. Inform your insurance company about it so both passengers can be covered by the insurance policy.


You must be aware that you are riding with a minor behind you, YOU MUST, slow down and drive with more caution and responsibility.

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