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With the arrival of the summer season, one must remember to perform the seasonal tire changes. Keep reading this post by Kings Lube to learn the most significant concerns about tires and safety on the road!

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First Things First,

Before getting new tires, you must figure out when's a suitable time to change them. For security, all drivers should identify the right time to replace the wheels of their vehicle; here are a few ideas to do it correctly and at the right time.

Get Familiar with the Different Sets of Tires

There are different ways to categorize tires; from their sizes to their outlines to their level of certification for the American market, you'll commonly find them differentiated according to seasons of the year. Consequently, there'll be perfect tires for summer, for winter, for riding on wet roads, and some that can be used throughout the year without noticeable variations in their grip levels, braking distance, and stability. Their following classifications are:

All-Season Tires

They are the ones used in the middle of winter and summer tires. Its manufacture tends to be softer and shallower than winter wheels, but its grip on wet or snowy terrain is far superior to that of summer. Of course, they are more expensive because they provide a comprehensive solution in all situations.

Tires for the Summer

They are associated with providing a sleeker ride. Its construction supports grip on dry asphalt. They are a very popular option among drivers due to its price range and can be used in all seasons of the year; unless the seasons come with cold winters and snowy surfaces.

Tires to Drive During the Winter Climate

Their manufacture is more rigid and their grooves are deeper. As a consequence, they give the safest grip on roads with a lot of water or snow, avoiding accidents and braking problems.

Always Take a Peek at the Manufacturer's Guidelines Before Performing Changes

The best tire companies locate their guidelines on the side of the driver's door. These allow the owner to be more informed about their tires, depending on the car they drive. They are usually presented with small lettering, so you'll need to look at it up close and in case the rubber moves past the indicated level. When a tire is 5 years old or older, it might be time to schedule regular checkups more often at your trusted workshop; or replace it yourself if you can. And, if the tire it's 10 years old or older, you should replace it as soon as possible.

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Try to Understand these Concepts

Your knowledge about these alphanumeric codes will determine your safety at the time of driving, regardless of tire maker or model. Here are the following concepts to keep in mind:
  1. Width:  when talking about tires, width it's expressed in millimeters (mm) and is the first number you will find displayed.
  2. Profile: shown as a percentage (%). The profile of a tire is obtained from the width by the percentage. For instance, on a 235/45 tire, its profile is 45% of 235, which is equivalent to 105mm.
  3. Radial dimension or diameter: this is the extent of the tire and is displayed in inches. The letter R is utilized before the number, to designate Radial.
  4. Load: it's the highest weight that the tire can carry. Although it's expressed by digits, it isn't correlated with pounds or kilograms. It's a sign associated with an equivalency table.
  5. Speed: it's determined with a letter, and it's also associated with an equivalency table. Also, it represents the maximum speed that the tire can support.
Choosing the correct tires for your car will rely on your familiarity with these guidelines. The speed and load ratio are very critical because if you exceed them, due to ignorance or neglect, it will put you and other passengers in a dangerous position. Therefore, it's essential to know the indices through an equivalency table.

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