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The year has almost gone by, and the arrival of fall is fast approaching. Some drivers are unaware of the proper maintenance before autumn strikes so, Kings Lube has come up with the best tips to prepare for the season. 

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Pay Attention to the Details to the Parts of the Car That Easily Break down during the Summer

Several parts of the car suffer more due to high-temperature conditions, so it is very important to know how to care for the car on summer days.


Many people think that the battery only has problems in winter when it is cold. In fact, the summer heat affects the battery even more than the cold. This is a common problem with open batteries (gel batteries). Also, excessive heat is one of the main causes of the "death" of batteries. Temperature lets the liquid evaporate, changing the concentration of the solution, which will damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, the battery fluid level should be checked frequently to replenish when necessary, especially on hot days.

The Air Conditioning System

This is an indispensable part and requires special attention before the fall, mainly because the air conditioning system must always operate at maximum capacity to meet the cooling needs of the cabin.

Don't Forget About the Surface!

Yes, at the end of the day if the paint is in good condition, you will be totally proud of your car. One of the ways to take care of this aspect is to wax it. Aesthetics must be one of the fundamental parts of car maintenance.

How Do You Know When is the Right Time to Wax it?

Some people say that it should be done every three months, and others consider that it should be done once every six months. Though it is a myth that paint will wear out, but what is true is that after a month and a half or two since the car was waxed, the wax will begin to lose its protective qualities. So, according to the course of this process, you'll need to wax it again.

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  To find out when it's necessary to do this, there are two tests that will help you determine if it is time to wax your car and leave it shining, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Finger Test: This test consists of running a finger through different parts of the body. If the car wax is still working properly, your finger will slide smoothly, just like it would on a glass table. Otherwise, the surface will feel rough and bumpy.
  • Waterproof: Pour water over the chest, roof, or trunk. If it accumulates in large drops, the car wax still does its job properly. If it drapes and runs down, that's when you should consider waxing your car again.

Wax Your Car Before Fall

One of the things you can't avoid when driving is leaving your car exposed to pollutants, dirt, and UV rays. All this is found in the environment and in the autumn season. If your area still has many rains, other elements are added to them, such as the fall of the leaves of the trees, sap, and many others. If you don't protect your car with wax, these things will damage and scratch the paint when you wash the car.

Lastly, Car Wax Will Help Protect Your Body From:

  • Bird feces
  • Dust, dirt, and sand
  • Insects
  • Acid rain
  • Tartar and salt
A car is one of the most valuable objects for a person to own, and proper maintenance of your engine is not enough. You must take care of the exterior of the vehicle as well; Waxing is an important way to do it, using a liquid car wax that will help keep it in the best condition, along with other tips we have for you if you follow these tips.

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