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With sunnier days ahead, it might be time to get your motorcycle in shape to enjoy it this spring with the following pointers by Kings Lube in Helenville! Keep reading and take a couple of notes if you need to.

The good weather has come, and spring has finally arrived. Surely you already want to take your motorcycle out of the garage after the last couple of months in lockdown but, if you haven't used it during the winter, It'll be necessary to perform a couple of checkups before you hit the road.

Heat can be quite taxing on your motorcycle, especially during the warmest seasons of the year. If you feel it heating up too quickly, it might be time to give it a synthetic oil change in Helenville. Luckily, the oil professionals at Kings Lube will have your back on this so, feel free to give them a call at (262) 443-7975 or visit the AMSOIL store to place an order.

Please keep in mind that daily maintenance is essential to extend any vehicle's useful life and get the most out of it. However, some specific tricks are needed to prepare your motorbike for spring, which you can see below.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Spring

Whether you kept on using your two-wheeler during the winter or if you have forgotten it in the garage, it's time to get your motorcycle ready for good weather to hit the road this spring. Therefore, this post focuses on specific parts of the bike that will require more of your attention to maintain each of them properly. If you have a classic motorcycle, in addition to all the advice you'll read on modern bikes, know you can also consult these tricks for old motorcycles.

Ensure the Battery Remains Charged

Battery failure causes more than 50% of motorcycle breakdowns, so its maintenance is crucial. If you leave the motorcycle in the garage during the winter, make sure you disconnect the battery terminals before leaving it stopped. If you don't, for every day you don't use your motorcycle, the battery will lose charge. You don't want to be a victim of this scenario nor subject your two-wheeler to battery failure when you need to use it again in the spring and summer months. Please take the battery seriously to prevent this from happening when you want to use it again. If it's too late for you and the bike's battery level is very low or exhausted, it might be time to replace it with a new one.

Seasonal maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running. Be sure to give it a synthetic oil change in Helenville to keep it in top shape! Reach out to Kings Lube and send an e-mail at Also, don't forget to give them a call at (262) 443-7975 to learn more about AMSOIL products in your area!

Checking Your Motorcycle's Oil

You must change the oil every year. If you don't dare to carry out this step yourself, you can take the motorcycle to a workshop to have it done for you. Although it will cost you extra, the process will be carried out by professionals.

Don't Forget to Clean the Motorcycle's Chain

The chain on it will be pretty dirty, so clean it thoroughly before that dirt builds up. Use a specific product to clean this part and once you have left it shiny, check that the tension is correct. Finally, for it to work correctly, you will have to re-grease the chain.

Measuring the Tires' Pressure

The maintenance of the tires is also essential. If you see the tread has worn down, it may be an excellent time to put some new ones before taking the motorcycle out of the garage this spring. Besides, even if the tread is fine, you should also check the tire pressure. If it's low, the motorcycle will consume more fuel.

See If the Lights Still Work

Before starting, also ensure all the bulbs or LEDs on the motorcycle are working correctly, and if not, change them. You could get a fine for not having the lights on in certain situations.

Coolant and Brake Fluid

Before using the motorcycle, also take a look at the brake fluid and check the liquid's condition. If it's lower than the reservoir indicator, you will need to add a new brake fluid.

Keep your motorcycle's engine in top condition and use AMSOIL's 10W-30 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil whenever your two-wheeler needs an oil change. To learn more about this formula and other AMSOIL products, be sure to call (262) 443-7975 to get in touch with Kings Lube's experts for a synthetic oil change in Helenville.


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