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Now that a new year has begun, it might be the perfect time to run some check-ups, especially if your car is pre-loved. Keep reading this post by Kings Lube in Helenville to make sure your vehicle is working correctly.

If you're looking for an AMSOIL dealer near you, you'll be happy to know your search stops right here. Get in touch with the oil pros at Kings Lube and call (262) 443-7975 if you require guidance regarding synthetic oil products and treat your car to a synthetic oil change in Helenville.

Leaving aside the attachment towards your car, the constant increases in new cars' prices can lead people to keep their vehicles longer than expected. For this reason, the experts at Kings Lube highly recommend giving your vehicle good service to ensure its longevity in the years to come.  Here's a list of recommendations to achieve this.

Don't Miss Service Appointments!

It's pretty common to perform a couple of revisions when the car reaches a specific mileage. However, one common mistake amongst drivers is neglecting and postponing their vehicle's preventive maintenance. People are busy, and life happens, so it's understandable if you miss a couple of servicing sessions. But, if you truly want your car to last a long time, you need to be persistent about its maintenance, especially if you bought it used.

Stop Wear and Tear with Preventive Maintenance

All parts will wear down eventually, and the least you could do to prevent their decay is commit to the car's upkeep. Besides, skipping maintenance could end up aggravating more pieces under the hood, and it'll produce expensive problems in the long run. At its core, preventive maintenance is a recurrent practice to foresee inconveniences that could harm the car's components. Its purpose is to check the vehicle's correct operation and change the parts that have worn down on time.

Read the Owner's Guide When in Doubt

Most owners focus on their car's maintenance at the beginning of the year, which is the standard to ensure good performance in the months to come. Still, a couple of pieces need check-ups and adjustments every trimester to half a year. The owner's manual should also be more specific about each piece and details in your vehicle, so don't be afraid to flick through its pages when doubt comes in.

Keeping your engine in top shape needs to be a priority if you want to extend its useful life. Call Kings Lube at (262) 443-7975 or stop by the AMSOIL online shop to get familiar with their whole range of oils and lubricants, including the leading synthetic oil change in Helenville.

Check Levels Regularly

Don't overlook checking the levels of oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and even tire pressure, as it will help you notice any possible failures in the car. By doing this step, you'll guarantee your vehicle works accordingly, extending its useful life.

Give It the Right Use

Pushing the car to the limit will cause premature wear on its mechanical components, reducing its useful life cycle. Please keep in mind that the mere action of revving the engine beyond what is necessary will not only impact fuel consumption, it will wreak havoc under the hood. You'll also end up straining the vehicle in vain if you carry a load that exceeds the weight limits recommended by the manufacturer or if you use the car for other tasks that go beyond its abilities.

Engine Additives

Additives can improve the engine and combustion's internal conditions, helping maintain a correct operation for a more extended period. Lubricants allow the increased compression in the engine block, which also improves fuel consumption and reduces the amount of polluting emissions in engines with extensive mileage.

Use Original Spare Parts

When changing old or damaged parts, try to opt for original spare parts as these are made under the brand's specifications ensuring their operation fits the vehicle's needs. They may be more expensive, but it's worth putting up with it since using cheap parts can produce a malfunction and cause failure in other parts of the car, creating unforeseen problems.

If you want to preserve your car for longer, AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil will be right up your street! This formula will protect the engine against wear and horsepower loss while guaranteeing protection for a whole year! Save time and money by using this product in your car's maintenance. Browse through AMSOIL's web store or call Kings Lube at (262) 443-7975 to place an order when your vehicle requires a synthetic oil change in Helenville.


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