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Performing the truck's maintenance regularly will be one of the core responsibilities of every driver. In this post by Kings Lube in Helenville are listed a few suggestions care for the truck's suspension and its general maintenance.

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Keeping the Trailer in Shape

Among other things, this includes changing the trailer oil at the appropriate periods of time, while also taking care of the brake and cooling system. This will prevent the trailer from having a breakdown, which would put you on the side of the road, and in the worst case, get involved in an accident or a situation of risk. In addition to the fact that the traffic regulations indicate that no vehicle in poor condition will be able to circulate on the roads, truck maintenance has added benefits to safety, along with changing the oil, taking care of the cooling system should be the main tasks for every truck driver.

How Does the Trailer Transmission System Work?

Have you ever wondered how a trailer or truck can load and drag so much weight? The answer is in its torque. As you know, the trailer transmission is responsible for changing the relationship between the rotation of the engine and the wheels, and that's how it begins to move, in addition to maximizing its towing capacity. It's clear that diesel engines help to move it, but these motions would be impossible without a transmission. There are 4 types of commercial transmissions and each of them has its advantages. However, when you take into account the amount of weight they move as its main purpose, you must consider that traditional gear transmissions, whether automatic or manual, require their composition to be the traditional one.

Upkeep of a Trailer Transmission

Maintenance is similar to a car transmission, only on a larger scale. If in an automatic transmission of a car the driver requires between 9 and 14 liters of transmission oil, that of a trailer or a truck can carry up to 35 liters. Higher hydraulic pressure is required to mobilize a larger transmission. Also, the transmission oil should be changed every so often, especially to avoid unnecessary friction inside, which can leave burrs and cause damage. In the case of manual transmissions, they don't require repair, these transmissions are sealed and there will be no reason to open them and change the lubricating grease inside. The principle of transmissions doesn't change between vehicles, as their function is the same, so their maintenance remains the same. But they do have a couple of differentiators, and in the effort that each one makes, you must take time to practice and become an expert in their operation so as not to damage their components.

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How Does the Transmission of Your Trailer Works?

In the case of automatic transmissions, they work just like in a car. Thanks to the hydraulic pressure caused by the circular movement of the flywheel and one of the sections of the torque converter and the automatic transmission fluid, they cause the rest of the gears to turn, faster and faster, as the accelerator is pressed. When talking about a manual transmission, you must take into account that some have up to 18 different gears. Even when the transmission has 6 different gears, it has 3 different passes, which when using each one gives a change in the gear ratio and a different transmission ratio with different torque or power. When you put the position of the "first gear", but already in motion, it's necessary to press a button that has a hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, so that another gear enters the same set. Lastly, if you require torque, you'll need the motor to make many turns for each of the wheels. Thus the movement will start little by little and the effort will be less. When we are already at a certain speed, what we require is the power to continue, and that is when our engine makes less than one turn, then it requires less effort and moves faster.

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