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The fall months are here! And with the change in conditions, there should also be a change in how you treat your vehicle. To learn more, read this post by Fantastic Synthetics in Helenville, WI.

How to Maintain Your Vehicle This Fall

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The Battery's Condition

The battery is one of the main components in your vehicle. It's so crucial to its functioning that, without it, you wouldn't even be able to turn on your vehicle, let alone drive it. As the fall months advance, you'll start noticing that the days will become darker, shorter, and rainier. And a faulty battery won't allow you to endure the harsh conditions effectively, since the lights, wipers, heater, and other devices won't be functional. That's why, you should care for it, have it professionally inspected, fix whatever needs fixing, and replace it when the time for it comes.

The Tires' State

Your tires and the condition they are in play an essential role in how safe you are while driving around. This is because, cruising with deflated or badly worn down tires can affect the control you have over your vehicle, the grip the tires have on the road, and more. Not only that, but having tires in bad shape during the fall can be all the more troubling since, aside from having to resist the friction with the road and the weight of the car, they need to adapt to the difference in temperature and more slippery roads (from dead leaves and precipitation). Keep your tires' state in mind to guarantee they won't fail on you. You should even ensure that the spare tire is in mint condition, so you don't run any risks.

The Headlights' Situation

Being able to see is probably one of the most important things that you need in order to drive around effectively and safely. However, the darker, shorter days of fall can make this increasingly difficult (not to mention, other vehicles and people will have a harder time seeing you, too). That's why, you need functional headlights and why you need to check them on a regular basis. If you find that one of them is out, that they are foggy, or that they're not working as they should, get the problem fixed immediately (either change the bulb or, once again, check the battery).

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The Wipers' Shape

The lack of daylight isn't the only thing that could hinder your ability to see the road during the fall months; snow, rain, other forms of precipitation, and other elements can also clutter your windshield and obstruct your vision. Luckily, your vehicle comes with windshield wipers that are meant to remove all of that mess, so you can see well out of it. Unluckily, the sun, time, and use, can cause damage to the wipers, rendering them useless. To make sure that faulty windshield wipers won't be responsible for you getting in a car crash, inspect their shape and replace them whenever necessary.  

The AC System's Maintenance

Fall weather brings with it crisp winds and dropping temperatures. To keep yourself from freezing over when you're in your vehicle, you need to use the AC system to blast the heater on. But more so than keeping you warm, your AC (the 'defrost' setting specifically) can eliminate the cloudiness that can form on your windshield and windows due to the difference in temperatures outside and inside of the vehicle (which can also affect your field of vision). Needless to say, the AC system is a complex one, and for it to work properly, it needs to be services and maintained with regularity. Have it checked professionally so it can be functional this fall.  

The Fluids' Status

Last but not least, keep the vehicle's fluids and their status in mind. It's highly suggested that you have them inspected a couple of times a year, so why not make this the time for it? For instance, make sure the coolant will help the cooling system function as expected. Likewise, keep an eye out on the synthetic oil so that the engine is properly lubricated and protected. A quick visit to the mechanic will help you assess the condition of these fluids, as well as provide the necessary replacements so your vehicle won't suffer.

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