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Your engine's synthetic oil replacements are essential to its maintenance. To ensure you'll keep up with them perfectly, read this post by Fantastic Synthetics in Helenville, WI.

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How to Be More Responsible With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

Learn Why the Synthetic Oil Changes are Important

In some cases, being scared straight is just what you need in order to become more responsible with your vehicle's synthetic oil changes. And that's exactly the approach we're going to take in this post. Before we jump into the many consequences of being neglectful with the engine's maintenance, however, you need to learn more about what the synthetic oil does to your vehicle. When your vehicle is running, the engine's inner components are moving. When they move, they brush against each other. This can create friction, increase the temperature inside the engine, and accelerate the component's wear and tear process. Luckily, the synthetic oil comes in to provide a protective layer that smooths out the processes, lubricates the components, and makes everything nice and pretty. Still, after time and use, that oil becomes thin and dirty. And with these changes, it also becomes ineffective to protect and lubricate the engine properly. And this is where things can get ugly. An unprotected engine is more prone to shut down due to the high temperatures it has to endure. It can also become more wasteful, as it will work extra hard to make up for the damaged components. Speaking of which, the components can get damaged sooner than expected, meaning you'll have to get them replaced/repaired. Things can bring about a slew of negative consequences of its own. For one, you will have to spend more money on getting those problems fixed. Plus, you will have to suffer the inconvenience of taking your vehicle to the shop to get repaired more frequently. All in all, neglecting your vehicle's synthetic oil changes is not a fun time, so just do it.

Seek More Information

Ok so, now that you've learned the importance of getting your synthetic oil replacements, you're probably wondering when exactly you will need to get them done. If that's the case, then you will need to seek out more information on the matter, so that you can be more certain of how you need to maintain your vehicle. To that end, it's recommended that you speak to a professional mechanic, or that you check in your vehicle's owner's manual. In any case, it's likely that you'll find some of the following information. Keep in mind that these are generic tips, and that you truly should speak to an expert for more specific data:
  • Change the oil every X number of miles (the exact number will vary depending on your vehicle, its age, its use, its condition, and more).
  • Change the oil once a year has passed since the last change (even if you don't drive your vehicle much).
  • Change the oil if you notice that the oil's condition isn't the best (the oil's level isn't as expected, the oil has become a darker color, or it has developed a grittier texture).
  • Change the oil if your vehicle's dashboard tells you it needs it (if the 'check oil' sign has lit up).
  • Change the oil if the engine starts behaving weird (it starts being jumpy and noisy).

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Don't Trust Your Memory

If you're reading this post, it's because your memory has failed you when it comes to your engine's synthetic oil replacements. That's why, you need to stop trusting it and seek for other ways to be reminded of them. A few ideas for this are:
  • Share the burden with others. Share the responsibility of remembering the changes with whomever you share your vehicle with.
  • You can also write down the replacements. Note the date and how many oil bottles you poured into your engine, so you can have documentation of the changes.
  • And, since you probably carry your phone with you everywhere, set up a reminder for the replacements there. Just make sure to label it correctly, so you know what you're being reminded of.
  • Lastly, you should check if the auto repair shop you go to has an app or reminder service that you can sign up for. This way, they'll be the ones in charge of reminding you when you need to bring your vehicle in.

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