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After the last couple of weeks, surely you've been wondering how to keep your car free of germs and viruses. In this article by Kings Lube, these questions will be answered, scroll down!

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Good Hygiene Should Be Present in All Areas of Your Life

Remember that keeping your vehicle clean and disinfected is a daily practice that can look out for your health. However, nowadays it is more important than ever and should be reinforced during this health contingency to prevent any spread.

Choose a Product to Disinfect

First of all, it's important to select a suitable product to clean each and specific areas of your vehicle. Take the following into account:
  • For vinyl: use warm soapy water, always dry with a clean towel, and don't let the material absorb the water.
  • For leather: use neutral soap and distilled water, also dry as soon as possible in a padding motion.
  • For plastic and fiberglass: you can use a solution of 1/10 of chlorine in 9/10 of water.
  • For glass and car exterior: you can use regular car soap that makes enough foam but be careful when you dry the surface.
Remember that the virus is a particle of genetic material wrapped in protein, so ordinary soap is enough to destroy it. However, it's advisable to use products suitable for each car area to avoid damage to the materials, since some are more sensitive and prone to wear than others.

Pay Attention to High Contact Points

The high contact points listed below are all those that are capable of receiving and retaining coronavirus particles and other germs, either because people touch them or because they can send tiny drops of saliva towards them. Remember that this virus can survive on different surfaces UP TO 7 DAYS if they are not disinfected on time. The points you must focus on are:
  • The Steering wheel
  • Board
  • Gear lever
  • Stereo
  • Buttons for electric windows or failing manual lifts
  • Locking and opening handles
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Electric lighter
  • The car's glasses and keys

On the Other Hand

You should also consider that your keys are a critical element, although they are not strictly part of the car, they are the object that you can exchange the most with others. In addition, you can leave them on contaminated surfaces, so they must be disinfected constantly. Similarly, the glasses can become points of high contact without you noticing it, especially the side windshields.

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Take Care of Your Hygiene before and after Using the Car

Remember that the car can't generate viruses, bacteria, or any pathogen by itself, it's only a receptor for them. It's very important that you take care of your own hygiene before getting into the car. Thus, you must wash your hands, use antibacterial gel and, in general, follow all the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid contaminating the spaces you get to occupy.

Avoid Sharing the Car

According to the above, stop sharing your car as much as possible: if you must carry passengers, make sure that they also disinfect their hands before boarding and that they refrain from doing so if they have symptoms such as sneezing, cough, fever, sore throat, etc. Also, don't use valet parking services, and if someone else has to use the car make sure they follow all the recommendations stated in this post.

Take Extra Precautions at Quick Stops

If you have to get in and out of the car outdoors, you must take extreme precautions, especially when this is in public or crowded places. For example:
  • When filling a tank of gasoline
  • When shopping in supermarkets
  • When parking and returning to your car after being on the street
  • When taking in passengers
  • Use antibacterial gel after each interaction with an object or person: after giving or receiving money, touching things that are outside. Don't forget to offer some of it to whoever gets in your car.

Don't Go out If It's Not Necessary

Remember that the best advice to keep your car free of a virus is to avoid leaving and using it as much as possible. Resort to it only in essential activities or emergencies. In addition to being clean, your car must be in perfect mechanical and electrical conditions during this contingency to spare you from any risks.

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