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Keeping the lubrication system in top shape should be one of your main priorities. Read this post by Kings Lube in Helenville and find out more about the different kinds of lubrication and maintenance.

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Before delving into the different types of lubrication, it's important to mention a few of its basic components; like oil supply and pressure.

What Lubrication Does

Proper lubrication supplies a layer of oil between the mechanisms adjacent to each other; hence, the viscosity indicators in oils can affect the engine. Also, the motor is apt to malfunctions and heating if you don't do refills on time. Lubricants come in two main options, both conventional and synthetic alternatives are at your disposal. The lubes used for oiling engines give different features to improve its response, such as high-pressure resistance, heat protection, detergent, anticorrosive, and antioxidant attributes.


In these products, density can go from very fluid, fluid, semi-fluid, semi-dense, dense, extra-dense to thick. Depending on these characteristics, oils are classified as regular oil, detergent, and multigrade. Furthermore, synthetic formulas blend both detergent and cross-functional traits, enabling an effortless start at all temperatures.

Additives and its Properties

Some of the options on the market are listed as an upgrade for the lubricants' formula. However, these complements serve certain needs and enhance the engine's features while being accountable for the base oil improvement at the same time. This is due to their anti-oxidating properties, corrosion blockers, and anti-foam features. Keep in mind that pieces like the cylinder, the piston walls, crankshaft benches, distribution gears, crankset, camshaft, and rocker shaft are the central spots for engine lubrication and the lower case works as an oil deposit next to the suctioning pump at the bottom; which transfers oil through a strainer. Next, at the outlet of this pump, the oil moves goes into a refining stage.


The levels of pressure must be precise if you want the oil to circulate correctly and reach all the pieces that need to be greased. Though it shouldn't be overdone; mainly because it's a dysfunctional expense that could generate carbonic deposits in valves and cylinders. There's a measuring scale located on the board, its job is to indicate pressure levels in the lubrication system. Also, in some vehicles, it's a light located on the dashboard that lets the driver know when the oil pressure is low.

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Splatter Lubrication

This process is presented in smaller motors and is controlled by the bearing being connected to the oil and splattering it through the bearing housing, delivering the oil to splatter all the lubrication spots. It's often used as an addition to the pressure greasing line.

Dry Crankcase Lubrication

This is present in all-terrain vehicles and sports cars. The oil passing to the carter will be transferred through an aspirating pump, to a reserve tank from which, using a pressurized oil pump, will be launched towards the greasing points. This guarantees good lubrication even in the event of high inclinations in the car's position.

Mixture Lubrication

This is the most useful way to grease the motor, oil is combined to the mixture in the carburetor within a special vessel and a metering pump and as previously mentioned, the flow produced by the pump might rely on the number of revolutions. Mixing lubrication can be done solely in two-stroke engines, where the mixture flows through the crankcase.

Remaining Oil Lubrication

This method produces clean oil at a fresh temperature in the places to be lubricated but, you must be conscious that effective cooling effects won't be feasible because these quantities tend to be supplied in little quantities; and each point to be greased gets the required amount of oil though, the flow managed by the pump might depend on the engine's load and number of revolutions.

Pressure Circuit Lubrication

This scheme is the most practiced when it comes to lubrication. The pump is sucking oil from the crankcase, usually through a filter, and it proceeds traveling towards the different pipes of the engine to reach all greasing points. Lastly, the excess of oil returns to the crankcase.

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