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For most people, cigarettes don't release the most appealing scent since it's quite strong and spreads quickly in closed spaces. If you smoke while driving, these tips by Kings Lube will help you get rid of the smell easily.

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First Things First

If one of your friends decided to smoke while you drive, or you are prone to smoke while driving, the smell of cigarettes will remain in the car and permeate on any surface it can grasp. Whether you are a smoker or not, you will agree that the cigarettes have a scent that penetrates anywhere, such as clothing, hair, furniture, and of course your car.

It's a Drag, Even If You Leave the Windows Open

You may not even smoke, but your partner or that friend you gave a ride to decided to light a cigarette in your car. What will happen, even with the windows open, is that the smell will remain impregnated because of the chemicals and leaving you unable to do anything to avoid it. So here are listed a couple of tips to level up the cleaning of the vehicle and get rid of this dreadful smell in the process.

Gather the Material That You'll Be Needing

To remove the smell of cigarettes from your car once and for all, you'll need:
  • Cleaners for interiors and windows
  • Microfiber towels (the more the merrier)
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Air freshener
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Car steamer
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Air filters
The last two and perhaps three components of this list are optional, but it's not a bad idea to have them t your disposal to complete the entire cleaning kit.

Look for the Source of the Smell

It's important to look for cigarette remains, which can be from cigarette butts to ashes. Don't forget to remove the ashtray as well. This process can take a long time and is perhaps the main source of the smell.

Empty the Car and the Trunk

You'll have to remove from the car every object that absorbs odor or that accumulates it such as disposable coffee cups, garbage bags, and those kinds of things that are usually sources of bad odors.

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The Work Begins

Clean each of the plastic parts and also the crystals from the inside, use microfibers and cleaners for this step. Remember that the smell of cigarettes, and in general all odors, "get" through the ashes in porous sites, which includes practically every millimeter of the interior of your car.

To Clean the Crystals

First, start with the locket and then work your way forward. Constantly check the microfiber, because if it starts to get dirty and smell like a cigarette, it might be time to change it, otherwise, you will be carrying the smell to other parts of the car.

If You Don't Have Interior Cleaner

Don't let that stop you, you can use a mixture of homemade soap with water, nothing abrasive that allows you to pass it over each surface of the car without any problem of wearing the parts out, be it plastic, leather, fabric, mats, never mind, that will serve you quite well. Pay special attention to the seats.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner

This is optional but keep in mind that if manual work isn't enough to do the job, machines will help you out. Use your vacuum cleaner; if you own one that's meant for cleaning cars, good for you. But if you don't and you have a domestic vacuum cleaner on hand, use it. These are usually much more powerful and will be able to help you much more in the complicated task of removing what is left of ashes and in the process, you will do a much more thorough cleaning that will allow you not only to remove the smell of cigarettes but also to have a truly clean car.

Clean the Vent

Start your car and run the air conditioning on full power with recirculation air. Once this is done, use a disinfectant spray or one that eliminates odors but not in the air, but you must apply it towards the vents. If necessary, change the air conditioning filter for a new one and finally add the car scent or air freshener that you like best.

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