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One of the car parts that demands your special attention is the windshield, and these tips by Kings Lube in Helenville will help you take care of the primary source of vision of the road. Keep scrolling to find out!

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Keeping the Windshield Clean and Scratch-Free Is Vitally Important For Your Safety

The majority of the information the driver receives of the road comes from sight. The vast majority passes through the windshield, and the other side goes by the windows. This article focused on its care and cleaning due to how essential the windshield is in your car.

Remove Adhering Residues

When driving on the road, making long trips, or after leaving your vehicle stopped for a long time, a large amount of dirt accumulates on the windshield, and it's essential to clean it off the surface before using it again; don't forget to do this once you get home. It may seem easy to clean the windshield, but it's not so simple because due to temperature changes, the residues adhere much more, and the removal will require more effort. During road trips or long-distance rides, insects are muddy and stick to the glass due to the constant sun exposure, as if they had been lying there for weeks.

Use Wiper Sprinklers Carefully

A solution that many apply when driving is to use the windshield wiper sprinklers. Still, this complicates the situation in many cases, and drivers end up spreading insect residues all over the windshield. It is essential to mention that using the glass cleaner while driving compromises your vision and, therefore, safety on the road.

Use Non-stick Products

There are non-sticks products on the market prevent dust, frost, and insects that hit the car from getting stuck on the windshield. These products' frequent use can also facilitate or even avoid cleaning the residues impregnated on the windscreen.

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Try Cleaning It With Soap and Water

This solution is the most traditional but can work wonders if you use a homemade degreaser before cleaning if you want to facilitate the washing process. It's necessary to check if the liquid isn't corrosive and let it act for a few minutes before wiping the wet cloth on the windshield.

Always Use Soft Cloths

Ensure that the flannels you are going to use to clean the windshield soft enough to avoid scratches. Also, verify they are clean and free of embedded objects that will damage the glass when rubbing. Although many windshields have membranes that make them resistant to scratches, they wear down the product's hardness over time.

Sprinkle a Bit of Hot Water

Hot water, never above 120 degrees, also helps to remove substances stuck to the windshield. Use soft cloths or a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the windshield's surface in circular motions.

Make a Mix of Sodium Bicarbonate

If you've attempted all of the latter and yet have dust and bug residue sticking to the windshield, it's a good idea to use baking soda to wash the bristles.

Facing Nature

Ice and snow are two of the elements that indeed might have to deal with eventually. The way to deal with both is different, but it has a common denominator since you shouldn't activate the windshield wipers without removing them first. If you find snow, it will be best to remove it thoroughly with a soft bristle brush, but if what hinders your vision is ice, the way to act is very different. The most effective and expensive is to use an antifreeze spray, so if you use a scraper, you'll have to take into account that you must always do it in the same direction to avoid dragging any impurity and scratching the glass.

If You Want to Remove the Sand That the Windshield Has Accumulated

Then a solution is to throw a little water from the top. That's why you should always carry a jug of water in the car. Another straightforward solution is to blow on the surface, and if you have a small compressor, the results will be better.

Avoid Driving behind Cargo Trucks

Driving close to trucks that carry cargo such as sand or gravel will get your car dirty and might even scratch it as small stones can fly off with the vibration and hit the windshield of your vehicle.

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