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The winter is about to arrive, and your car will suffer from this weather the most if you don't care for it as often as you should. Scroll down these tips by Kings Lube to avoid possible winter breakdowns.

Temperatures are dropping each day, and your car can suffer consequences if you don't get a timely synthetic oil change in Helenville. Call Kings Lube at (262) 443-7975 and allow the experts to take care of your vehicle with AMSOIL products before this season gets more challenging.

Each Season Comes with Its Respective Upkeep Habits

The vehicle will suffer breakdowns if it's not prepared to begin a new season.  Luckily, you can equip your car for the winter and evade these struggles with timely visits to the mechanic and by following these tips:

From November to December

The winter season begins to induce that chilly breeze in the area, mainly in the cities near the mountains. People expect temperatures to drop, rain season to cease, and the pavement to cool off. With these changes in the environment, your car can suffer the consequences if you are not aware of its unseen damage. Thus it would be best if you didn't overlook the importance of periodical maintenance; through this process, your mechanic can detect failures early and repair the vehicle on time. But, if your vehicle hasn't undergone its maintenance in months, you can expect these general changes:

Tires Tend to Lose Texture Quicker

When driven continuously on wet pavement, the air in their interior cools down, contracts, and decreases pressure, causing the tires to go flat. This effect could cause an accident or more damage if it's not resolved on time.

The Engine Struggles the Most during This Season

Given the low temperatures, starting the car from cold usually involves changes in the oil's viscosity and performance. It thickens and limits its lubricating role in the engine's mechanical parts. It might be time to perform a synthetic oil change to keep everything in place.

Don't Overlook the Battery and the Windshields

The battery is another element that tends to fail quickly after being exposed to low temperatures. This object is prone to burn out or discharge and damaging your car in the process. Avoid this situation by doing timely replacements and save yourself from unforeseen expenses. In the cold, windshields are prone to damage faster since the wipers often crack, harden, or break. The weather limits their performance, making them prone to reduce vision margins when driving.

The oil professionals at Kings Lube will be quick to resolve any trouble regarding synthetic lubricants. Don't forget to call (262) 443-7975 and place your order for the most reliable synthetic oil change in Helenville.

Humidity Is a Silent Killer

The exterior of your car can also be affected by low temperatures since moisture is a corrosive agent that can damage any finish and any surface. Please apply your preventive measures to fight this enemy and keep your car protected; you can do this by covering your vehicle with a tarp to keep it sheltered from the weather's threats.

Pay Attention to the Antifreeze Liquid

Antifreeze is another element that can be affected by cold temperatures, especially when it hasn't been refilled in a long time.  However, these are some specific actions you can take if you want to put your car in better shape for the winter:

Check Your Tires

Wet or muddy roads can be dangerous, so you must ensure that your tires haven't smoothed out since smooth tires lack grip. Also, verify they are in the right shape and at the proper pressure level. You can also switch your regular tires for winter pneumatics since these withstand the lowest temperatures. These tires have extra tread textures, allowing a better grip in snow or iced roads. However, they tend to be louder than summer tires when in motion.

Change the Oil

The oil has the function of lubricating the mechanisms to avoid harmful grinding motions; therefore, you must perform a thorough inspection of the oil that your vehicle requires. Don't forget to go for a low viscosity oil to improve flow during the cold months. Check your car's manual to select the most suitable one, or ask your mechanic to set up an appointment to take the vehicle to the service workshop.

Wax Your Car

Applying wax is the best way to protect your car's outer layer from destructive agents during this wintertime. Remember that moisture and dirt from the road are corrosive components for any vehicle. These caustic agents can ruin the aluminum beneath the paint if they get to the car's outer layer, so keep it waxed!

In Conclusion

Ideally, you must take your car to the service workshop before the winter season starts. Your vehicle will receive a detailed inspection, and you'll know if it's ready to travel on any road during the winter season.

If you seek protection and improvements in your car's performance, AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil is right up your alley! Call Kings Lube at (262) 443-7975 and request the best synthetic oil change in Helenville.


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