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Not many people ride their boats during the winter months. If you do, however, this post by Fantastic Synthetics in Helenville, WI will help you stay safe through them. 

How to Boat During Winter

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Prioritize Safety and Warmth

First and foremost, you should make it a mission to keep yourself and your passengers safe and warm during your excursion to the chilly waters. To that end, you need to guarantee that everybody is wearing thick, warm layers, and waterproof clothing. Over all of that, they should wear a life jacket. Aside from this, keep extra blankets, towels, and a change of clothing on your boat. This way, you will be able to react appropriately if one of your passengers falls into the water.

Have an Emergency Kit in Good Shape

An emergency kit can literally save your and your passengers' lives if a mishap, disaster, or other unforeseen occurrence were to take place while you're cruising the waters on your boat. Said emergency kit should include: a fully equipped first aid kit, enough water and non-perishable food, communication devices, throw rings, fire extinguishers, flares, and more. Before you hit the waves, however, be sure to perform an inspection on these helpful tools, to ensure they're in good enough condition to be used if needed.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Even if you already know it will be cold outside, you still need to pay attention to what the weather will be like when you want to go out boating. This is because, if you aren't careful, rain, hail, snow, or strong winds will have you at their mercy while you're on the water, which is incredibly dangerous and unsafe. To keep you and your passengers as safe as possible, check the weather forecast. More so than that, be sure to only navigate the waters when you can guarantee that the weather will be ideal to do so.

Make Up a Plan

And continuing with the idea that you should be prepared for everything and anything (especially since the conditions can be harsher during winter), you should make up a plan of action for your expedition in case things go south. For instance, you should know where you're going with precision, have safe spots designated, and communicate your itinerary to someone on land.

Perform the Necessary Maintenance

Cruising through the water is a hard enough task as it is, without adding to it the harsher conditions of the wintertime. That's why, it is necessary that you have your boat checked by a professional to keep it from malfunctioning and leaving you out in the cold. During their inspection, the mechanic will be able to assess the boat's conditions. What's even better, is that they will find and fix issues that could prevent it from working perfectly.

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Avoid Slipping

Slipping and falling is never a fun experience, as you could get injured. Nonetheless, if you add to that scenario the freezing winter waters, the consequences become even more dire. To avoid slipping and falling into the water, be very careful where you step, use the rails, and don special shoes, to keep yourself from having a mishap.

Keep Your Lights On

As if the cold weather wasn't enough, winter can make boating more difficult because of the darker and shorter days it brings with it. This means that you won't be able to see the water or objects around you as well. Plus, they won't be able to see you, either. That's why, before you start hitting the waves, you should guarantee that the boat's battery and its headlights are working great. If they are, you will be able to illuminate your way without much problem.

Break the Ice Carefully

As a final tip, it is common for bodies of water to have a sheet of ice on top of them during the colder months. Still, depending on the type of ice you encounter, is the reaction you will need to have. For instance, if the ice is thin, you can just cruise through it. If it's a bit thicker, you may need to employ a boat pole (extremely carefully) to break it up. Nonetheless, if you notice that the ice is too thick, your best bet is to return home, as it could be risky.

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