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Spring cleaning is a common practice during this time of year. Make sure that you read this post by Fantastic Synthetics in Helenville, WI to learn how to spring clean your vehicle.

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How to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Go Through an Extensive De-Cluttering Process

If you went through most people's vehicles (with their permission, of course), it's likely that you'd find a ton of items that have no business being in a vehicle (for example, food wrappers, empty containers, clothing, shoes, and more). This is because a lot of people think of their vehicles as their closets, their trash cans, their storage units, and a regular junk yard on wheels. If this is your case, too, the first step in your spring cleaning process should be to de-clutter your vehicle. Go through everything you have in it, and throw away, put away, store and get rid of stuff until you're only left with things you actually need to have in it. Not only will this make your vehicle cleaner, but it can even affect its performance in a positive way. This is because a heavier vehicle is harder to drive around and wastes more fuel, due to the extra stress the engine goes through to keep it moving. As a consequence, the lighter the vehicle, the more fuel-efficient it will be and the smoother it will perform.

Renew the Fluids and Filters

Of course, your vehicle's outside cleanliness is very important. Still, if you're already going through a spring cleaning process, why not take some time to care for the inner components, too? For instance, your vehicle requires certain fluids (such a synthetic oil and transmission fluid) to perform as expected. The thing is that these fluids can get dirty after some time and use, which can actually harm the vehicle's inner systems. The vehicle actually uses air and oil filters to keep away as much filth as possible from the inner components. Still, these filters can also be rendered useless due to time and use. That's why, to guarantee that everything in your vehicle is squeaky clean, you should replace the fluids and filters effectively as part of the spring cleaning process.

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Wash and Wax Your Vehicle Thoroughly

It should go without saying that a basic step in any vehicle spring cleaning process should be to get it washed and waxed in a proper manner. Something you may not know, however, is that keeping your vehicle clean can have a lot more consequences than just ruining its aesthetics and your reputation. In fact, driving around in a dirty vehicle can affect its performance, your wallet, and more. This is because the filth and dust particles in your vehicle can make their way into its inner components, making it harder  for them to operate as normal. This can accelerate their wear and tear process, meaning you will need to repair them or replace them sooner. Plus, allowing your vehicle to remain dirty will eat away at its paint job and will make it look unkempt and old, which can affect its resale value. Not only that, but driving around in a dirty vehicle can make you sick, since you're confined to a tight, closed space with a bunch of germs in it. So, in conclusion, wash and wax your vehicle.

Go Through Every Nook and Cranny

Last but not least, you need to be as thorough and effective as possible with your vehicle's cleanliness. This means that it's not enough that you wash and wax it, you need to go through every nook and cranny and remove any remnants of dirt, dust, gunk, filth, or other that you find in them. One area you should pay attention to is your tires. You should detail the rims and the tires so they're free of any much that could interfere with its performance. You should also take care of the interiors: wash and vacuum them thoroughly to remove dust specks. It's also necessary that you clean under the hood: wash the engine and other parts there to keep them clean. Lastly, wipe down the surfaces inside the vehicle; pay close attention to the corners, as they tend to gather dust.

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